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Meet the Team


Jim Estabrook

Jim started United Divers Inc in 1970 and diving has been his passion ever since. You will frequently find him teaching at MIT, Harvard, and Northeastern, or whisking off to Florida for some warm water diving!


Noelle Snyder

Noelle has been diving for over 18 years and has been in the industry for over 15 years! She was the DSO of the Mystic Aquarium and is now the queen of regulator and compressor tech


Brittany Lewis

Brittany has been diving commercially, as a teacher, and for fun since 2013. If she's not busy managing UDI she's working through her bucket list of new fun places to dive and travel with a passion for photography

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John Lyons

John has been diving for over 15 years now. When he's not diving for work, helping at the shop, teaching, or working on his PhD, John looks forward to fun photography dives with interesting sea creatures!


Ernst Vanbergeijk

Ernst has been diving since 1976 and been involved in the teaching of scuba diving since 1977. He earned his full instructor certification in 1988 at Hall’s Diving Center. He has taught scuba diving in the Great Lakes, Mexico, the Bahamas, California, and Florida as well as Massachusetts 


Brian LeBlanc

Brian has been diving for over 20 years and teaching for most of that time. He also owns and operates J&B Underwater Services, conducting commercial diving operations. After all that he still finds time to teach for Operation Blue Pride and to go lobstering

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Michael Wright

Passion, the love of diving, and underwater photography are what drives Michael to travel to the ends of the earth.  Michael has been diving since 2001 and instructing since 2004. 

Michael's love of the sport drove him into teaching so he can introduce the wonders of the underwater world to others.


Rich Whalen

Rich has been an instructor at United Divers since April 2016 and has logged hundreds of dives from Massachusetts to as far away as Australia and enjoys both equally. When diving in local waters he enjoys lobstering and introducing people to diving, and when Rich is not underwater he can be found teaching his other passion -Engineering.


Bill Vanderclock

Bill is a Boston Sea Rover, a Boy Scout, a sailor, a dad, and a husband who loves to dive! No matter where he goes, he always finds a good place to dive. Believe it or not some of the best diving is here in MA, and he'd love to show you!

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Frank Parisi

Frank is a SDI, SSI, AND PADI SCUBA instructor. He has been a SCUBA professional with United Divers for over 35 years and has over 50 years of diving experience. He has dove all over from the Red Sea to the Caribbean and New England. He is now retired from Raytheon where he worked as a Senior Electrical engineer.

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Justin Scott

Justin began diving in the Marine Corps. He graduated top of the class from the Commercial Diving Academy.  He has been teaching diving in the Boston area for the past 13 years.


Lissette Bayona

Lissette was raised in Medellin, Colombia and has always had great love for the water. Her diving career began in 2012 and she was formerly the training director at UDI. Currently she is the assistant Dive Safety Officer at the New England Aquarium


Connor Evans

Connor Evans started diving in New England in 2014 and is currently a divemaster.  He has extensive experience with cold water diving and is a trained technical diver.  While he isn't diving, he works at Formlabs leading the development of 3D printing materials for selective laser sintering.

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Edith "Phoophie" Chavez


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Victoria Gunning


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Wendy Quimby


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