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Each manufacturer's servicing guidelines are a little different. When purchasing a new piece of equipment, it is important to know your responsibilities as an owner. Be sure to register your equipment as soon as possible and keep up with any warranties or parts programs they may offer you. Here are some of the more popular programs: 



All warranties and parts programs are easily accessible on their manufacturer's website, if you have any problems, we will be happy to help you contact the manufacturer.

Tank Servicing 

We are a DOT licensed facility and do our Hydrostatic testing in-house, in batches, so turnaround time is at least 2 weeks. Visual inspections (VIPs) are required annually. Hydrostatic testing every five years.

  • Hydro (incl VIP + air fill) - $60

  • VIP (incl air fill) - $25

  • Sandblasting - $25

Costs may vary depending on the need for additional cleaning or servicing, we will always call to confirm this with you before proceeding.

Drysuit/Wetsuit Repair & Tailoring

      Test Drysuit for leaks - $65

  • Wrist seals (pair) ~ $48

  • Neck seal ~ $52

  • Drysuit seal replacement labor - $40

  • New Zipper - $275-$400

Regulator Repair

Labor per regulator stage - $33

Cost per regulator stage parts kit ~ $15-30


Prices may vary depending on the brand and parts programs. We service the following brands of regulators:

  • Atomic

  • Aqualung/Apeks

  • OTS

  • Poseidon

  • Scubapro

  • Sherwood

  • Zeagle

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