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Open Water Ocean Dives


You will do 4 Open Water Dives, 2 per day, on Saturday and Sunday. You need to meet at the shop at 7:30am the morning of your dives to pick up all your gear.

You must come in to be fitted for your rental gear or to purchase your gear NO LATER THAN the Tuesday BEFORE your dives.

Please check our calendar for available dates:


Your instructor will choose the dive sites based on weather conditions and visibility. Regardless of where we go, plan on starting bright and early! Some of our favorite sites are Stage Fort Park, Pebble Beach, Back Beach, Canoe Beach, and Hathaway's Pond.

How Much:

$295 covers all the dives for both days, and all the rental equipment you will need except for your mask, fins, boots, and snorkel. We do NOT rent masks and snorkels, however fins and boots can be rented for an additional $40. Everything must be purchased or rented NO LATER THAN THE TUESDAY BEFORE YOUR DIVES.

What to bring:

- Bathing Suit (worn to the shop, most of the time there are no changing rooms on site)

- Mask, fins, boots, snorkel (unless renting)

- A towel

- An extra change of clothes

- A sweatshirt or sweater (even in warm weather, the water is cold!)

- PLENTY of water

- A lunch and snacks (we don't stop to get lunch)

- A warm beverage in a thermos (a good way to warm up fast)

- Your Logbook (MIT students will receive their logbooks at the shop the morning of the dives)

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