Air Fills

United Divers has the capacity to fill up to 10 cylinders at one time with air, including 2 fill whips dedicated to DIN tanks and 2 fill whips for SCBA tanks.  Standard air fills cost $10.00

United Divers provides the option of clean-air fills for Nitrox ready tanks. Clean Air fills cost $15.00

We specialize in filling all Nitrox mixes with our our custom air banks. Please call ahead for availability.  Prices vary based on the richness of the mix.

We currently offer the convenience of customer air-fill cards, a way to prepay for tank fills that saves money and time.  Ask a retail staff member for program details and pricing.

Inspections, Repairs, & Restorations

United Divers is a fully equipped full service repair facility where our trained technicians perform equipment maintenance, repair, and assembly every day.  We are a licensed DOT hydrotest facility and do all hydro testing in house!  All equipment is fully assembled and tested before you receive it.  All of our technicians must attend regular product update seminars to stay current on all improvements and modifications of technical scuba equipment. This level of dedication not only guarantees quality workmanship, but also gives you the peace of mind to know that your equipment will work when you need it most — underwater!

Here is a brief overview of the most common services we do, if there is anything else you are looking for give us a call and we will probably be able to help you out!

Tank Repairs

Hydro Testing – $35.00

Visual Inspection – $14.00

O2 Cleaning – $50.00

Regulator Repairs

Full Overhaul (Replace all parts) – Labor is $33.00 per stage plus the price of parts*

*parts vary per company and per warranty

Dry Suit Repairs *

Standard Wrist Seal Labor – $40.00

Standard Neck seal Labor – $35.00

Standard Set of Wrist Seals – $44.00

Standard Neck Seal – $40.00

*all prices are subject to variation based on the condition of the seals

Wetsuit repairs

We are able to fix most rips, tears, scratches or zippers in almost any kind of suit!  Prices vary based on the damage that needs to be fixed.  Please bring your suit into the shop to have a certified repair technician give you a quote.


Rental Equipment

We offer full gear packages for one day to one week rentals!  Please call and reserve gear at least 5 days ahead of time during our peak months (May-October).  **You must provide proof of certification for all rentals**

Rent-to-Own Program - allows the dollars that you pay for renting scuba equipment to be applied to future equipment purchases.

It works like this: each piece of equipment has a daily rate of rental, for instance, a regulator is $16 dollars per day. You can apply up to 5 days’ rental charges, in this case, $80, to future purchase of any new brand or model of regulator.

This program applies to equipment rented for either local or vacation use. This changes SCUBA equipment rental from an irreclaimable expense to a purchase plan! Prices and packages are subject to change without notice. Rent to own only applies to tanks, regulators, BC’s, gauges, and wetsuits ( boots, mitts, hood, and weights rentals are not eligible for the rent to own program). Please contact us today for updated pricing.

The Retail Shop

We are an AUTHORIZED dealer for all brands that we advertize.  Check out what Dive Training Magazine has to say about authorized dealers here:   Dive Training: Authorized Dealers

Here are just a few of the major brands that we carry!!


United Divers!


Aqualung / Apex / Suunto/Aquasphere

Scubapro / Uwatec / Subgear

Sherwood / Genesis / Akona





United Divers

Dive Rite




Atomic Aquatics

Underwater Kinetics



SCUBA classes are fun!




JBL Spearguns


Sea Soft


Fourth Element

Sea Life

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